Announcement No.6 Notice for Type Test Mar.3st,2006

Announcement No.6 of SELO(Mar.3,2006)

Dear Sir or Madam:

The Article 11 of the Supervision Administration Regulation for Manufacture of Boiler and Pressure Vessel stipulating that “For the product, which type test is required in accordance with the national safety technical standard, the type test shall be performed prior to the manufacturer assessment” .The Article 24 of the Procedures for Manufacture Licensing of Boiler and Pressure Vessel stipulating that “The product required to conduct type testing can be exempted from the type testing if there are no changes on applicable standards, material, structure and operational conditions of the product during license renewal.”

To implement the above-mentioned regulations, once the application (including renewal) accepted, the products that are required type test, such as safety vales , rupture discs, cylinders, accumulators, etc. should perform the type test if the test didn’t conducted through the organ authorized by AQSIQ according to the Decree No.22(Supervision Administration Regulation for Manufacture of Boiler and Pressure Vessel) and Chinese safety technology standard.
Information about the authorized organs for type test in China, please search at following website:

As for the type test that is unable to be done in domestic, the responsible organ shall prove by submitting the related documents to AQSIQ. Once it approved, the test may be arranged by other organ through dispatching inspector.

Best regards,

SELO(Special Equipment Licensing Office) of AQSIQ

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