Do the Receiver Tank connected with energy accumulator and the Pipe block connected with the two ends need pattern approval?

The Pipe block doesn’t need pattern approval. The Receiver Tank applies for license along with energy accumulator. The enterprises which have obtained qualifications for energy accumulator don’t need another license.



Do the enterprise standards have to be submitted to China Standardization Committee on Boilers and Pressure Vessels to check and examine?


Only the enterprise standards are required. There is no need to submit the enterprise products standards to China Standardization Committee on Boilers and Pressure Vessels to check and examine.


Does the reservoir of air-conditioner which is a dependable pressure-bearing part need production license?

The reservoir of air-conditioner is a separate pressure vessel rather than a dependable pressure-bearing part, which shall obtain the Production License in accordance with Regulations No.194 and Decree No. 22.


Both of the two branches of the group company have certificates and there are two factories’ addresses on the certificate of branch one. When the second factory on the certificate of branch one is integrated into branch two, is it possible to add the address of the second factory of branch one to the certificate of branch two?

The second factory which is separated out shall apply for a permit independently and the address of the second factory on the certificate of branch one shall be canceled at the same time. The original certificate of branch two remains to be unchanged.


What are the specifications of the responsible person of design technique?

The concept of the responsible person of design technique stipulated in Article 15 in Qualification Licensing and Administration Regulation of Design Organization for Pressure Vessel and Pressure Piping is the same with the one described in the filling instructions 3.1.26 in the Notice on Promulgating the Specifications of the Special Equipment Design License Application. There are other requirements about the chief of the design organization in Article 15 in Qualification Licensing and Administration Regulation of Design Organization for Pressure Vessel and Pressure Piping because the design organization’s qualification official stamp has such requirements.



In the following situations, is it required to apply for a license? The parameter of water processing apparatus used to separate or filter in oil field is: 0.1MPa≤operating pressure1.6 MPathe product of pressure and volume is above 2.5 MPaL; but the holding liquid water operating temperature is no more than 80.

Because the operating temperature is no more than 80 which  is under the normal boiling point of water, this kind of equipment is not in the scope of “pressure vessels licensing”. There is no need for them to apply for a license.


What’s the specifications of installation and inspection of domestic 600t crawling crane?

In accordance with the regulations in CQIB [2003]174, the crawling cranes whose lifting capacity is over 100t, shall go through the pattern test one by one before being used. There is no requirement about the qualifications of the installation unit. The pattern test is undertaken by pattern testing authorities approved by AQSIQ and conducted according to the relevant pattern testing regulations. The pattern test can be conducted along with the supervision and inspection during the installation.


Does the assembled highway steel bridge belong to lifting appliance?


It belongs to the lifting appliance. If there is doubt about its category, it can be handled as a special pattern and category.


What’s the specification about business license?


Own a business license.


Is an air reservoir a vessel or a gas cylinder?

Those that are in conformity with provisions stipulated in Article 2 in Pressure Vessels Safety and Technical Supervision Regulation shall be managed according to the Pressure Vessel Regulation.


Shall normal temperature liquefier be safety-supervised?

There is no need for the normal temperature liquefier manufacturer to apply for a license.


How do the products designed and manufactured before 2003 adapt to decree no. 22?

There is a document no. 171 for pressure vessels before January 1, 2004 (issued by Ministry of Labor). It is fine to meet the requirements in that document. However, the order shall be contracted before January 1, 2004.



Does the manufacturer of automobile petroleum products tank car have to apply for a license?

Wherever it is assembled, the product whose pressure is under 0.1MPa does not fall under the category of pressure vessels.



Does 2JK2×1 elevator belong to passenger aerial ropeway components?

In accordance with Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment and Production License Regulations, the manufacturers producing driving facilities used in passenger funicular car shall get a Production License and the manufacture shall be included in safety supervision.


Does the dry power canister of dry power fire extinguisher have to apply for a license?

In accordance with Article 3 in Pressure Vessels Safety and Technical Supervision Regulation, the dry power canister's instant bearing pressure stands at or above 0.1MPa. The manufacturers are not required to apply for Production License. Because the dry power canister bears pressure when working, its design and manufacture shall comply with relevant regulations in GB150.



Is it acceptable to continue to use the pattern test report issued before the reconstructing of enterprise?


It shall meet the following requirements: The enterprise is reconstructed without changes in production and quality; It shall be confirmed by the original pattern test authority that the principles of facilities and structures are not changed after changing the type; The fact that the present equipment is in conformity with regulations and standards can be assured by the original pattern test report.


How to classify the full hydraulic crane? Does it belong to auto crane or tire crane if installed in agricultural vehicle or homemade vehicle?

The difference between an auto crane and a tire crane lies in whether the hoisting and walking is done in the same operating room. In addition, the walking part and the hoisting part of an auto crane can be separated and the walking part includes the vehicle chassis and driving part.



How to fill up the name of product, certificate number, medium name and category of vessel on the nameplate of pressure vessel?

The product name and medium name shall be written in consistence with the facts. English is feasible. The certificate number is the same as the number of license.


Does the holding device used for rupture disk have to apply for a license?


The holding device used for manufacturing rupture disk doesn’t need a license.



It is impossible for the carbon equivalent in steel used for drum to meet the requirement in the Requirements when actually used. How to handle this problem?

It shall meet the following three requirements when choosing foreign material: The chosen material shall be steel used for boilers; The steel must be cool steel and meet Article 22 in the Regulation; The steel mark must be mature mark.


Shall the stainless steel pressure vessel whose shell thickness is over 16mm and design temperature is under -20 treated with eliminating stress heat treatment after welding? Shall the inner hull of pressure vessel whose bottom is carbon steel and cladding is stainless steel be made into test piece for welding?

The stainless steel pressure vessel with this design parameter doesn’t need treatment of eliminating stress after welding; product test piece shall be made if the requirements of making test piece are met. Product test piece be manufactured according to clad sheet steel welding procedure specifications.


Does stainless steel welded pipe need a license?

It shall get a license according to this standard, except for the part whose medium is water.


Does flange connector belong to pressure pipeline component? This product is imported from abroad and is used in reactor of pressure vessel at present. If it is a pressure pipeline component, does a pattern test work?

It is one kind of pressure pipeline component flange and only a pattern test is acceptable at present.


Shall the connecting pipeline of pressure vessel need an independent license?


The requirement of pattern test for imported steel tube, PE pipe, and valve pipe fittings only applies to the specialized manufacturers. The connecting pipeline imported along with vessels and provided by overseas manufacturers is not required to go through  pattern test.



The tube plate used in electric heater is a part of pressure vessel (end cover). The manufacturer of electric heater is a subcontractor. Does it need a license, provided the pressure vessel manufacturer has got a license and its design is in conformity with relevant regulations?

It is advised not to issue a license to the manufacturer of electric heater. The license holding manufacturer takes responsibility of the product quality. The department chief Zhang would read relevant materials and report them to Director Wu for approval. .

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