Brief of SELO (Special Equipment Licensing Office of AQSIQ)

Special Equipment Licensing Office of General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (SELO) was established on July 16, 2003 with the approval of the General Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine, P.R.C. (AQSIQ). It is developed from the previous Safety Quality Licensing Office (SQLO) for Import Boiler & Pressure Vessel. The term “special equipment” refers to boilers, pressure vessels, pressure piping, elevators, lifting appliances, passenger ropeways and large amusement devices.

As the unified window facing to the outside world on behalf of AQSIQ, SELO is responsible for receiving, arranging and transmitting application documents & audit reports to AQSIQ, establishing licensing data base, printing and mailing licenses, and harmonizing manufacturer surveys for the special equipment licensing. The main services of SELO is listed as the followings:

1) SELO is an office for overseas and domestic special equipment manufacturers to submit application documents for special equipment licensing. SELO has the responsibility to check and handle those documentations including the correction and completeness of application forms and other documents needed, and submit those applications meeting the requirements in format to AQSIQ for approval of acceptance.

2) Upon the approval of acceptance by AQSIQ, SELO has the duty to send accepted application forms to those manufacturers and promulgate an acceptance announcement on our web-site. For those manufacturers whose applications are not accepted by AQSIQ, an unacceptance notification are printed and sent to them by SELO.

3) Simultaneously, SELO is also a place for inspection bodies to submit their survey and audit reports. SELO has also the responsibility to check the completeness of those reports, and submit those reports meeting the requirements in format to AQSIQ for approval of acceptance.

4) Upon the AQSIQ's approval to certificate manufacturers, SELO is to print and send Manufacturing Licenses to them, and promulgate a licensing announcement on our web-site. For manufacturers which are not qualified to certificate by AQSIQ, unlicensing notifications are printed and sent to them by SELO.

5) SELO is responsible to answer telephone calls, faxes, e-mails and arrange receptions for inquiring about procedure of Special Equipment Licensing.

6) SELO has the responsibility to build licensing data base of overseas and domestic manufacturers.

The address and information for contact SELO are as follows:

Address: Room B202, Building 2, Xiyuan, Hepingjie, Chao Yang District, Beijing, China 100013

Tel: ++86-10-84273511  or ++86-10-84275588 Ext.8111

Fax: ++86-10-84273502


web-site: Chinese) (in English)

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