Does a German company need to obtain a certificate when overseas certificate-holding enterprise buys pressure vessel shell with portrait welding line from the German company?

The German company producing portrait welding shell must hold a Production License.


Does a domestic import enterprise have to obtain a license, when it imports pressure pipe components?


It is required to get the imported pressure pipe components managed and undertake the pattern test on the first batch of imported pressure pipe components in accordance with China standards and regulations. The one which fails the experiment shall not be put into use.


Shall the overseas certificate-holding enterprise comply with Article 86 in Pressure Vessels Safety and Technical Supervision Regulation and other regulations in addition to Article 85?


It is required to comply with Pressure Vessels Safety and Technical Supervision Regulation completely if it is manufactured according to China standards; Implementing licensing regulations from Article 52 to Article 58 is WORKABLE if they are manufactured according to the overseas technical regulations or standards.


If the overseas enterprises subcontract some pressure-resistant parts, like boiler castings and oven of paper machine, do the subcontractors need to apply for a license?


As to the unique features of castings, the castings of cast-iron boilers and drying plants of paper machines can be subcontracted overseas. However, the work shall be undertaken by casting factories holding special equipment Production License. Both of the main machine assembly plants and the overseas cooperative factories shall get the Production License.


If the overseas enterprises’ 16Bar pressure vessel is permanently fixed in the braking system of a train or a truck, is it a fixed or mobile pressure vessel?

The one whose volume is 25 liters or above belongs to fixed vessels (D2), except those fixed in rail vehicles.


As for the pressure vessel imported from abroad and used in an operating platform in the South China Sea, does it have to apply for a license?

There are exceptions stipulated in Article 3 in Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment by the State Council because they are in the charge of other departments authorized by the State Council. Therefore, manufacturing imported equipment shall apply to the corresponding departments in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations rather than in Bureau of Special Equipment Safety Supervision.


Can the ASME standard of pipelines of hold-up vessels of overseas enterprises be replaced with standard DOT3AAX?

The H2 hold- up vessel mentioned in the letter is kind of stationary pressure vessel and shall comply with the standard of stationary pressure vessel. DOT3AAX is for mobile large-volume gas cylinder, which is not applicable to the stationary vessel. The overseas enterprise’ application can not be approved in accordance with Article 8 in Safety Technical Supervision Regulations for Pressure Vessel and Article 51 in Requirements for Boiler and Pressure Vessel Manufacture Licensing.



The overseas enterprises have to get approval from BPA of AQSIQ if adopting non-China standards. What are the specific regulations?

1) It shall be comply with the regulations from Article 45 to Article 50 and from Article 52 to Article 58 in Requirements for Boiler and Pressure Vessel Manufacture Licensing; 2) The comparison table in conformity with regulations shall be provided by manufactures; 3) If there is difference between them, it is required to come up with a statement and make it clear in document to manufacture according to China standards. 4) The comparison table and statement shall be in Chinese or English.


The highest design temperature of pure Ti pressure vessel of overseas enterprises stipulated in Pressure Vessels Safety and Technical Supervision Regulation is different from that in ASME. Which one shall be adopted?

Both are Workable. It is not required to be inspected and examined as long as it doesn’t exceed the temperature regulated in the adopted standard and/or regulations.


How to conduct the overseas pattern test?

1) The products needing pattern test which have been published in China shall be sent to China to finish the pattern test by foreign businessmen. There is no need to send someone overseas to sample. 2) If there are no corresponding pattern testing authorities for certain products, it is required that the pattern test is conducted by some overseas qualified independent organization and supervised by the survey group. The pattern test organization takes responsibility of issuing a report. 3) It is required to conduct the pattern test according to China standard. If there is no China standard, the foreign standard is workable for the time being.


How to fill out the application form for pattern test by a domestic enterprise entrusted by an oversea enterprise?

Fill out the application form according to its regulations and specifications. It is true that the overseas enterprise can either apply by itself or entrust a domestic agency to apply for it. It is necessary for an overseas enterprise to entrust an agency in China.


If the original AR1 pressure vessel is applied for manufacture upgrading, does the domestic enterprise have to make available the A1 and A2 products to be surveyed?

Only providing high pressure vessel in A1 products for inspection is Workable; It is not necessary to reapply if not exceeding the expiry of the original acceptance. If it is well-prepared, the applying unit can ask and contract the Survey and Assessment Agency for survey.



Does the overseas enterprise subcontractor of pipe fittings of boilers have to apply for a license?

The pressure-resistant pipe fittings of boiler proper shall be manufactured by Production License holders. It means that the subcontractors of pipe fittings of boilers have to apply for boiler Production License in China.


Can the overseas enterprises design and manufacture boilers in conformity with Britain BS standard?

It is required to meet the requirements from Article 45 to Article 50 in document No.194. Those that don’t meet the requirements are considered to be unqualified. These regulations and requirements shall be clearly stipulated in the quality management system of the enterprise.


Can a domestic enterprise design, manufacture and inspect pressure vessel in conformity with ASME standard?

Yes, it can. However, it is required to meet the requirements from Article 52 to Article 58 in Requirements for Boiler and Pressure Vessel Manufacture Licensing and to be supervised and inspected.


Does a domestic enterprise have to apply for a license if the nominal diameter of all the safety valves is less than 25mm?

The domestic manufacturer has to apply for a license if they are used in the special equipment stipulated in Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment (such as boilers, pressure vessels, pressure pipelines); There is no need for the manufacturer to apply for a license if they are not used in the above-mentioned equipment.



How does an overseas enterprise choose the admissible stress for SA240 tp.304 material?


It can be done with σs/1.5.


Can the LPG cylinder valve be only pattern-tested without going through the on-site survey?

For these LPG cylinder valve used in cars, it is agreed to do only the pattern test on products. On-site survey on overseas factories is not needed.



Can the overseas enterprise adopt JIS B standard?


Whatever standard it adopts, the overseas enterprise is required to meet the regulations from Article 52 to Article 58 in Requirements for Boiler and Pressure Vessel Manufacture Licensing (basic requirements for pressure vessel products).


What standard does an overseas gas cylinder enterprise which applied for Production License in accordance with overseas standard have to comply with when its products are pattern-tested?

It is required to renew the license according to China standard. Pattern test is also required.



Does the overseas pressure pipeline component have to be applied for a license according to procedures?


The overseas pressure pipeline component doesn’t have to apply for a license according to procedures. It needs the pattern  test on the first batch in conformity with document 20044 and needs to get a certificate.


Does the gas cylinder which is filled overseas repeatedly and transported to China for use have to apply for a license?

This matter shall be handled according to the previous regulations that the Customs pay security deposit and there is no need for a license when importation is done temporarily.


How to issue a license to an overseas enterprise with two addresses in one city?


If the two manufacturers share one legal person and are located in one city, they will be surveyed separately and issued one license on which the two addresses of manufacturers are clearly indicated; If the two factories supply products separately, they shall be considered operating independently and shall apply for  licenses separately. Otherwise, they will be regarded as sub-workshops and share one license with two manufacturing addresses.



How does the overseas gas cylinder go through the pattern test?

The China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Center takes the responsibility of examining the design drawings. The imported gas cylinder which has not been pattern-tested shall be tested this time. Only one pattern of medium-volume gas cylinder with the same outside diameter, wall thickness and pressure shall be chosen for test.



What are the requirements about the trial production of overseas products?

The overseas enterprises have to provide trial production which is not strictly produced in conformity with China regulations or output to China. But the trial products shall correspond to the applying level. The trial products can be articles being processed but shall correspond to its applying level. This regulation is also applicable to domestic products.



In case there is an overseas enterprise which only installs and debugs the accumulators whose manufacture of objects are subcontracted to others, is it inspected and examined in conformity with requirements for installing and assembling such products? (from the inspection group)


It is required to set up the quality system and system document in accordance with decree no.22 and document no.194. The conditions for equipment shall be equipped according to assembling requirements. The personnel shall satisfy the requirements in document no.194. These requirements only apply to bottles with jointless structure.


Does the plate heat exchanger of an overseas enterprise have to apply for a license?




Is it permissive for an overseas enterprise to manufacture the main shell of pressure vessel using resistance weld pipe? Are there any relevant regulations or standards in China? If it is permitted, does the resistance welding line need radiographic inspection and what are the specific requirements? What’s the standard to judge the result of radiographic inspection?

Because the welding line of the main part of pressure vessel needs complete penetration and fusion in welding, resistance welding is forbidden.


Can the pressure vessel made by overseas enterprise whose design pressure <10MPa, maximum diameter is 135mm, inside capacity is 50L get Production License according to Article 16 in Requirements for Boiler and Pressure Vessel Manufacture Licensing?

It shall get a license if its capacity is over 25L.


If the overseas license holding enterprise proposes to add RTE series, is it required to do pattern test in China and overseas inspection and survey?


The newly added products shall be pattern-tested. Factory survey is not needed.


The products of an overseas enterprise include pressure vessel and pressure pipeline (refer to the attached drawing). Questions:

1. Can the pressure vessel adopt standard ASME Sec. Div.1 and the pressure pipelines adopt standard ASME B.31.3?

2. Is it acceptable for the safety factor and welding factor of some material used in pressure parts to adopt the above-mentioned standard?

3. What are the design requirements for the above-mentioned pipelines?


Zirconium material is usually used as inside lining material whose thickness is not considered when its strength is calculated. Please provide the relevant standard and submit it to our bureau to approve if choosing zirconium material as shell. The procedures are as follows: step 1,The overseas enterprise shall offer the following materials: 1. The production license and relevant standard of the used zirconium material; 2. The evaluation report of this enterprise’s zirconium material welding procedure qualification; 3. Welder certificate to undertake zirconium material welding; 4. Other materials needed. Step 2, The enterprise shall provide the survey and assessment report by specialized authorities of pressure vessel in China. Step 3, Our bureau will decide whether to approve it or not according to the assessment opinions by specialized authorities of pressure vessel in China. Step 4, China Standardization Committee on Boilers and Pressure Vessels is recommended.

The pressure pipeline component can adopt standard B 31.3. The part suitable for ASME B 31.3 in the drawing belongs to pressure pipeline. The connecting pipeline imported along with vessels and provided by overseas manufacturers is not required to do pattern test. The requirement of pattern test for pressure pipeline works only for the specialized manufacturers.


An overseas license-holding enterprise asks whether certain material (like 304304L316316L) can adopt higher admissible stress according to ASME and GB150 rather than the regulations in Article 54 in Requirements for Boiler and Pressure Vessel Manufacture Licensing. There are high limit and low limit of admissible stress in ASME div. How to choose the admissible stress according to the Manufacture Licensing?

The safety factor shall be strictly in conformity with the regulations in Article 54 in Requirements for Boiler and Pressure Vessel Manufacture Licensing. σs 90% is not allowed. GB150 has strict restrictions for choosing σs 0.9. It is applicable only for big distortion vessel.


Does heat exchanger without shell need a license?


It can apply for a license provided the working parameter of two shell sides are in conformity with Regulations and decree no. 22. Otherwise, there is no need.


Does forging piece need a license?

There is need for the manufacturers of pressure vessel shell without portrait welding line to get a license according to document [2005]203. It is required for the flange to apply for a production license if it is used in pressure pipeline.

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