An Introduction to Plant Engineering Consulting System

In order to enhance the supervision and administration over plant engineering of construction projects; to regulate the activity of plant engineering consult; to guarantee the quality and safety of plant engineering; and to increase the investment efficiency, the State Council, in its Quality Invigoration Programme (1996-2010) promulgated on December 24, 1996,  expressly requires the establishment of the plant engineering consulting system for the complete plants in national key construction projects based on the Legal-Person-Responsibility System.


Plant Engineering Consulting System, established and developed under the market economy, is an advanced, scientific and effective method of project management. It is based on the Legal-Person-Responsibility System (owner responsibility system) which is established in the reform of investment system, and is subject to contracts signed by relevant parties for the projects. It implements the quality control, investment control, progress control and safety management, and promotes relevant parties to strictly follow relevant laws, regulations and contracts to improve the quality of plant engineering and increase the investment efficiency through the supervision and administration conducted by plant engineering consulting organs, over the process of executing contracts in accordance with the requirements of the owners, as well as objective and fair services for owners and contractors provided by the organs. The implementation of plant engineering consulting system can not only guarantee the quality of plant engineering and the investment efficiency of national key construction projects, but improve the technological quality of an enterprise or an industry, to a large extent. The plant engineering consulting industry as a service provided for the construction of plant engineering is, actually, a transfer of intelligence, knowledge and technology. It has long played a very important role in the procedures of plant engineering construction in developed countries or regions. 

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