Development of Revitalizing Cities through Quality Management

Developing Revitalizing Cities through Quality Management is an important function of macro-quality management performed by the government. In the Product Quality Law, the responsibilities of the people’s government at all levels are defined. It requires the government at all levels to reinforce the work of integrated planning and organization regarding product quality, guiding, supervising and urging the producers and sellers to reinforce the management of product quality and improve the quality of products. Decision of the State Council Concerning Several Issues on Further Strengthening Product Quality Work also presents that ‘The local people's governments at all levels shall include the improvement of product quality in the plans for national economy and social development within their own administrative domains, include quality work and the work of striking fakes in their agendas, and regularly study and promptly resolve the problems in improving product quality and striking fakes’.


The development of revitalizing cities through quality management could be an influential breakthrough of quality revitalization emerged in the process of regional economic development. It is under the unified organization and guidance conducted by the local governments, and regards the improvement of overall regional quality level as the key-point. Moreover, it is a campaign of quality revitalization which promotes the sustainable and healthy development of regional economy through enhancing basic work of enterprises, implementing the top brand strategy, regulating the market order and curbing the spread of counterfeit and shoddy products effectively. In addition, the campaign involves both relevant departments of the government and a large number of enterprises.


For developing the campaign, three requirements shall be met. First, documents concerning the implementation of development of revitalizing cities through quality management shall be formulated and promulgated by the local party committees and governments; second, appropriate goals, plans and measures shall be setin accordance with the reality of local economic and social development; third, a leading group shall be established, and the team leader of the group shall be a leader of the local government, moreover, the leading group shall commission its office in the department of quality and technical supervision. The main body of the development of revitalizing cities through quality management can be concluded as the “Three Integration”. First, to integrate the responsibility system of quality work in the development of revitalizing cities through quality management with the responsibility system of anti-counterfeiting work; second, to integrate the development of revitalizing cities through quality management with the regulation of market economic order, and insist to promote the anti-counterfeiting and quality revitalization at the same time; third, to integrate the development of revitalizing cities through quality management with the implementation of the top brand strategy to promote the upgrading of regional economic structure.


The development of revitalizing cities through quality management was initiated in Wenzhou. In 1990s, Wenzhou experienced the period of high-speed development, called “being the first-time entrepreneur”. During that period, the total economic output increased rapidly, however, situations such as the emergence of inferior quality products, spread of counterfeit and shoddy products and the deterioration of economic environment  severely restricted the economic development of Wenzhou. Therefore, Wenzhou municipal committee and government found that “quality is the lifeline of Wenzhou. High quality leads to high prosperity, low quality results in recession”. Moreover, “the quality problem of products in Wenzhou is a political issue which shall be concerned by the whole society, rather than a simple economic issue”. For improving the occasion, leaders of Wenzhou city put forward a development stratagem for the second-time pioneer whose core value is high quality, and strongly promoted the “development of revitalizing cities through quality management”. The campaign leads the economy of Wenzhou to develop in a healthy way, and results in “three shifts”, that is, the shift from disadvantage of regional and industrial quality to an advantage; the shift from a cottage industry to large-scale production; and the shift from counterfeiting other products to being counterfeited by others.


After more than ten years’ exploration and practices, the development of revitalizing (or establishing) cities through quality management has assumed an initial scale, and is developing in depth in accordance with relevant requirements on the “Three Requirements” and the “Three Integration” formulated by the AQSIQ. Meanwhile, a number of typical models with high-quality products such as revitalizing cities, revitalizing districts, revitalizing counties, revitalizing towns and revitalizing industries have emerged. In addition, the awareness of quality has been enhanced generally in the whole society; illegal acts such as counterfeiting has been restricted; regional quality problems have been solved effectively to some extent; the city image has been improved and optimized; the quality of products has been improved and the development of regional economy has been promoted.


By the end of 2008, there are 1615 cities or counties involved in the campaign. Local governments of nine provinces such as Hainan province, Jilin province and Shanxi Province have developed the campaign throughout their administrative areas. During this period, there are a number of typical advanced models have emerged. The AQSIQ has awarded 115 cities with the tile of “advanced cities or counties revitalized through quality management”.

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