Announcement No. 6, 2007 of China Promotion Committee for Top Brand Strategy, Promulgating the List of China Top Brand Products

In 2006, the AQSIQ authorized the China Promotion Committee for Top Brand Strategy to carry out the evaluation of China Top Brand Products on 162 categories of products. They were: large air separation plants, oil rig, cargo vehicle, Hydraulic Transporting Vehicle, bulldozer, speed reducer, marine gearbox, piston in an internal combustion engine, packed bed filter of an internal combustion engine, pump lever and fuel injector of an internal combustion engine, automotive vehicle-bridge assembly, automotive radiator assembly, automotive drive shaft assembly, automobiles muffler assembly and catalytic converter, lacquered wire, accessory of terminal of wire or cable, high-voltage electric transmission and transformation equipment (power transformer, shunt reactor and breaker), die casting machine, automatic control component (automatic control component for refrigeration, photoelectric encoder and transducer), electric tools, injection molding machine, seedling planting machine, logistic storage automatic system, high-efficient and energy-saving heat exchanger, rotary cement kiln, vertical roller mill for cement, roll squeezer for cement, dairy packaging machine, PP braiding machine, electric power automation equipment of surveillance, industrial robot, railway vehicle, CNC grinding machine, control relay, communication cable, Ethernet switch, ERP management software, dried noodle, high-activity yeast, separated frozen pork, separated frozen beef and mutton, starch sugar, glyceryl monostearate, alcoholic drink mixed with fruit juice, preserved beancurd, bag or case, printed book, soap, fancy soap, shower room, soy milk maker, household cabinet, body lotion, lighter, sofa, noble metal jewellery, rayon staple, VCI paper, T-shirt, knitting fabric, adhesive filament, polyester filament (for civil use or industry), rayon staple, children's wear, wedding gown, linen, linen yarn, combed yarn, silk quilt, decorative fabric (curtain, decorative material and tablecloth) , metaposition aramid fiber product, Muslim-style hat, oil tanker, heavy traffic paving asphalt, polyvinyl chloride (soft polyvinyl chloride and paste polyvinyl chloride), high strength conveyor belt, polyacrylamide, pressure-sensitive adhesive product, silica gel, motorcycles tyre, purified terephthalic acid in industry, phenolic molding compound, acrylonitrile, non-freezing solution of automobile, trimeric sodium phosphate, Latex condom, trains wheel, hot rolled section steel for automobile wheel felloe, stainless steel bar (wire), steel plate for container, bearing steal hot rolled bar (wire), high strength medium plate for building, seamless steel tube for pressure boiler, hot-rolled quality carbon steel wire rod, copper and copper alloy strip, aluminum plate and strip, diantimony trioxide, industry molybdenum oxide, aluminium alloy sections (for construction, industry, or the structure of railcar), Hollow glass brick, insulating glass, insulatingcompound and deadening (aluminium silicate wool and their products for thermal insulation, mineral wool decorative acoustic board), high performance water reducing agent, aquatic feed, vitamin feed grade, double superphosphate, ordinary superphosphate, acetochlor, paraquat, rice seed, bar screen machine, aerator (equipment of preventing and control water pollution), ophthalmic microscope, medical endoscope, wheelchair, Color Doppler System, dental unit, racing yacht, professional babell for weightlifting competition, sporting cartridge, appliance for track and field (gavelock, discus, shot and hammer ball), building conversational (visual) system, veneer, core-board, rice, wheat powder, sugar (white sugar, candy, chocolate and fruit jelly), pie, low-temperature meat product, agricultural plastic shed film, juice, yellow wine, leather garment,baby carrier, liquid detergent, pen (pencile, fountain pen, ball pen and mark pen), cooker (electric cooker, pressure cooker and non-stick pan), household gas-burner appliance, silk fabric, knitgoods (underwear and socks), trousers, cashmere overcoat, gold jewelry, table tennis equipment, safe box, rechargeable lithium ion battery, large or medium large passenger car, automotive glass, aluminum alloy wheel, full-steel radial tyre, laminated & solid wood floor, hoisting cable, magnetic material, cemented carbides, high purity cathode copper, artificial diamond, oiling machine with tax control, CNC lathe (universal type or above), industrial draught fan (axialflow and centrifugal type), shovel loader, refrigerator, household split type air conditioner, microwave oven, microcomputer, motorcycle (100cc or above) and shirt.


In accordance with the procedures prescribed in the Measures for the Administration of China Top Brand Products, relevant professional sub-committees under the China Promotion Committee of Top Brand Products conducted an overall evaluation, based on the voluntary application of enterprises and the examination and recommendation by provinces, autonomous regions or municipalitis directly under the Central Government. After the deliberating, identifying and promulgating the preliminary products list, the plenary session of the China Promotion Committee of Top Brand Products finally agreed to award 856 products the title of China Top Brand Product 2007 (see the annex for the list)


For products such as sprayer, UPS power supply, liquor, electric iron, decorative stone, cross-linked polyethylene cable, washing machine and structural ceramics, etc., the evaluation shall be delayed. In addition, the valid period of signs of China Top Brand Products formerly awarded to monosodium glutamate, program-controlled telephone switching system, color television, cross-linked polyethylene cable, washing machine and structural ceramics that expire shall be extended to the end of August 2008.


It is hereby promulgated.


Annex: List of China Top Brand Products 2007

                                                                                                                                               September 6th, 2007

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