Announcement No. 6, 2006 of China Promotion Committee for Top Brand Strategy, Promulgating the List of China Top Brand Products

In 2006, the AQSIQ authorized the China Promotion Committee for Top Brand Strategy to carry out the evaluation of China Top Brand Products on 91 categories of products. They were: steam turbine (industrial steam turbine and steam turbine for cogeneration of heat and electricity), machine tool (CNC gear cutting machine and heavy duty CNC boring miller), high voltage switchgear (gas insulated metal-enclosed switchgear at 72.5kv or above), electric machinery (S&M electric machinery and low-power electric machinery at 690v or below), bridge, portal type hoisting machinery, NC cutting tool (cutting tool for processing holes), dust catcher (bag dust catcher and electric dust catcher), tractor (large or middle-scale tractor and walking tractor), automobile braking system, radial ply tyre vulcanizer, concrete pump truck, low-voltage switchgear, crusher and mill equipment (crusher, coal mill and grinding pebble),  large railway track maintenance machinery, low-voltage apparatus (moulded case circuit breaker and universal circuit breaker), lithium bromide absorption chiller/heater, gimbal, industrial sewing machine, refrigerator compressor, communications optical cable, anti-virus software, mobile telecommunication handset(GSM、CDMA), CD-video, medical sterilization equipment, single-use asepsis medical apparatus &instruments for injection, polyurethane(MDI), dimethylcyclics, refrigerant(HFC-134A,HCFC-22), series product of fully-refined paraffin wax, calcined soda, lubricating oil (for internal-combustion engine), feed (panage and poultry feed), feed additive (feedgrade lysine), corn seed, nitrogen fertilizer (carbamide), high - concentration compound phosphate fertilizer (nitrophosphate and diammonium phosphate), weedicide (glyphosate), pesticide (imidacloprid and pyrethroid), reactive dye, household drug sundries for eliminating mosquitoes (electric mosquito repellent heater, incense coil and aerosol), frozen prepared aquatic products (including gefillte fish), salt, starch product (vermicelli), bakery product (biscuit, moon cake), pickle (preserved szechuan pickle), canned fruit, manufactured meat (Chinese-style ham), saute hot pepper in oil, beverage (bottled drinking water and vegetable protein beverage) , quick frozen staple food (Chinese dumpling and rice glue ball), seasoning (sauce and vinegar), jewellery (jade), art porcelain, bicycle, water fountain (kettle), electric shaver, gas meter, watt-hour meter, water meter, household furniture (panel furniture and solid wood furniture), hard board (flakeboard and medium density fiberboard), plastic packageing film, piano, cosmetic (shampoo, hair conditioner, and toilet water), lighting (fluorescent lamp and indoor lamp), electric blanket, sun-rain umbrella, blanket (including carpet and Tibetan rug),  professional apparatus for competition (gymnastic apparatus and basketball stand), nylon filament, high-count-and-high-density cotton greige cloth, mens suit, knitted sweater, color cotton yarn, worsted woollen piece goods, towel, stainless steel, steel plate for hull structure, steel plate for boilers and pressure vessels, welded steel pipe for transporting oil and natural gas, aluminum foil, casting aluminum alloy ingot, manufactured lumber of titanium and titanium alloy, Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP)pipe, fiberglass geogrid, tantalum powder and tantalum wire, plastic pipe and fitting, aluminium composite panel, thistle board, prestressed concrete pipe pile and sanitary ceramics.


In accordance with procedures prescribed in the Measures for the Administration of China Top Brand Products, the China Promotion Committee for Top Brand Strategy, based on the voluntary application of enterprises and the promulgation and recommendation by provinces, autonomous regions or municipalities directly under the Central Government after the preliminary examination as well as the overall evaluation by relevant professional sub-committees under  the China Promotion Committee for Top Brand Strategy, after deliberation, determined to award 556 products the title of China Top Brand Products in the year 2006 (see the annex for the list).


For structural and architectural ceramics specified in the list of products subject to evaluation 2006, the evaluation shall be delayed to the year 2007, and the valid period of former structural and architectural ceramics awarded as the China Top Brand Products which expires shall be extended for another one year. In addition, the evaluation of milk beverage shall be canceled.


It is hereby promulgated.


Annex: List of China Top Brand Products 2006


                                                                                                                             September 1st, 2006

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