Announcement No. 5, 2005 of China Promotion Committee for Top Brand Strategy, Promulgating the List of China Top Brand Products

In 2005, the AQSIQ authorized the China Promotion Committee for Top Brand Strategy to carry out the evaluation of China Top Brand Products on 65 categories of products such as cornstarch, soy milk powder, edible vegetable oil (soybean oil, colza oil and arachis oil), quick-freezing prepared and cocked poultry meat (Chicken and duck), canned meat, compound condiment (chicken chicken essence seasoning, spice and condiment), apple juice concentrate, toothbrush, brassiere, necktie, jacket, quilt (duvet and polyester quilt), paper for household use (paper towel and bathroom tissue), ceramic cartridge faucet, range hood, porcelain for daily use (tableware and tea set), timepiece, jewelry (pearl jewelry and popular metal plating jewelry), sphygmomanometer (mercury column type), solar water heater, indoor fitness equipment (motorized treadmill), professional sports shoes (track shoes), furniture-spring mattress, battery-operated toy, household fanner, sterilization cupboard, Laminated flooring, safety door, outdoor light fixture, laptop, color paper, yarn-dyed fabric and jean, corduroy, mulberry silk, spandex filament, synthetic leather/ artificial leather, CNC punch, jack, diesel engine (multiple cylinder/ single cylinder), air condition compressor, industrial bearing (roller bearing for automobiles, trains or mines and oil film bearing for rolling mills), container, materials handling equipment, refrigeration plant (screw refrigeration air conditioning), pressure recovery turbine-generator, explosion-proof electric machine, electric transformer (oiled or dry transformer at 110kv or above), Distributed Control System, ammonium chloride (nitrogen fertilizer), NPK fertilizer, monoammonium phosphate, hydrate of sodium, building coating (for both internal and external walls), urethane resin, ABS resin, amino composite material, rubber V-belt, float glass, fiber glass (twist-free roving and alkali-free glass fiber chopped strand), rolled steel (automobile steel sheet, steel rail, cold-rolled steel and hot-rolled steel H-beam), oil casing pipe for oil or natural gas industry, high-precision copper tube (inner grooved copper tube), electrolytic nickel and tin slab. Meanwhile, it also carried out the reexamination on 22 categories of China Top Brand Products whose validity period expired. The said 22 categories of products were refrigerator, electric water heater, gas water heater, beer, wine, high-temperature ham sausage, powdered milk, liquid milk, toothpaste, down jacket, cashmere sweater, leather shoes, gym shoes, bedding set (bedding accessory), compound washing powder, camera (single lens reflex and perspective view camera), server, telephone (fixed-line phone), battery (one-off alkaline Zn/MnO2 battery), watch, cigarette and color film.


In accordance with procedures prescribed in the Measures for the Administration of China Top Brand Products, the plenary session of the China Promotion Committee for Top Brand Strategy, based on the voluntary application of enterprises and the promulgation and recommendation after preliminary examination by provinces, autonomous regions or municipalities directly under the Central Government as well as the overall evaluation by relevant professional sub-committees under the China Promotion Committee for Top Brand Strategy, deliberated and unanimously determined to award 501 products manufactured by 461 enterprises the title of China Top Brand Products (see the annex for the list).


It is hereby promulgated.


Annex: 1. List of New China Top Brand Products 2005

                   2. List of China Top Brand Products Subject to Reexamination


                                                                                                                                              August 26th, 2005

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