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      Import of Measuring Instruments of Non-Legal Unitsmore...  
The Application Form for the Non-SI Units of Measuring Instrument<2007-08-15>
Publicity Materials of Approval for Importing Measuring Instruments and Equipment with Non-national Legal Units of Measurment <2009-06-18>
      Pattern Approval of Imported Measuring Instrumentsmore...  
The Application Form for Approval for Temporary Model of Measurement Instruments<2007-08-15>
The Application Form for Approval for Model of Measurement Instruments<2007-08-15>
AQSIQ Announcement on the Measures of the People’s Republic of China for the Supervision and Administration of Imported Measuring instruments (No.5, 2006)<2009-06-18>
FAQs Concerning Foreign Businesses of the Pattern Approval of Imported Measurement Instruments<2009-05-15>
      OIML Certificate Systemmore...  
Name List of Technical Institutions Undertaking the Task of Evaluating the Model of OIML Certificate<2007-08-15>
Name List of Enterprises and Products Which Have Gained OIML Certificate<2007-08-15>
Certificate Issuing Range of China's OIML Certificate Office<2007-08-15>
The Application Form for OIML Certificate<2007-08-15>