A Brief Introduction of International Travel Health Care Center


International travel health care centers under the local entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureaus throughout the country are legal entities which are in charge of the physical examination and vaccination for entry-exit personnel. Their services provided to entry-exit personnel cover travel healthcare, physical examination, vaccination, and health consultation, etc. At present, there are 167 international travel health care centers in the national inspection and quarantine system throughout the country. Each international travel health care center has its own department of internal medicine, department of surgery, department of gynecology, radiology room, electroencephalogram room, B ultrasonic room, laboratories (regular physical &chemical laboratory, biochemistry laboratory, immunology laboratory, and microbiology laboratory ), blood sampling room, disinfection room, vaccinating room and the consultation room. Moreover, all the centers are equipped with the ultrasound scanner, biochemistry analyzer, X-ray machine, enzyme sign analyzer, biochemistry analyzer and other medical equipment as well as medical and technical professionals. The international travel health care centers play a very important role in preventing infectious diseases from spreading in and out of the country and protecting the health of international travelers.


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