Targets of Legal Vaccination


In accordance with the International Health Regulations and the requirements of World Health Organization, the yellow fever vaccine inoculation falls into the scope of mandatory preventive vaccination, including the following areas:

1. On the basis of the international epidemic situation report by the World Health Organization, anyone who heads for or via the yellow fever infected area or people that are in the countries or regions listed in the yellow fever running areas shall get yellow fever vaccinated.

2.People who come from yellow fever affected areas, should they cannot present the valid yellow fever vaccination certificate when entering, shall get vaccinated and isolated until the certificate is valid or as long as 6 days at most, of which the earlier date is workable.

3. Travelors who apply for vaccination because the countries they head for or via require the entrant the yellow fever vaccination certificate.

4. In the areas with yellow fever media, when the yellow fever is brought in and spreading, the threatened staff shall get vaccinated.

5. People who work in the yellow fever laboratories or undertake the prevention and cure of yellow fever shall get vaccinated.

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