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 Regulations for Administration of the Entry, Exit and the Treatment of Corpse<2009-05-08>
 Verification of Medical Examination Records of Personnel from Overseas<2009-05-08>
 Targets of Legal Vaccination <2009-05-08>
 Targets of Legal Medical Examination<2009-05-08>
 Regulations for Administration of Entry and Exit Health Quarantine on Special Goods<2009-05-08>
 Application of Import/export Corpse/coffin with Corpse/human Remains for Verification and Quarantine<2007-08-16>
 Application Form for Vaccination Against Yellow Fever<2007-08-16>
 Health Examination Registration Form<2007-08-16>
 Guidance on Issuing/Renewing Ship Sanitation Control Certificate/ Ship Sanitation Control Exemption Certificate<2007-08-16>
 Provisions on the Administration of Entry and Exit of Cadavers and Treatment of Cadavers<2007-08-16>
 Contraindications fo Vaccination<2007-08-16>