Accepting the Inspection and Quarantine Report of Imported Boilers & Pressure Vessels

The inspection and quarantine institutions at the places of customs declaration shall be in charge of accepting the inspection and quarantine report of imported boilers & pressure vessels listed in the Catalogue of the Commodities for Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine.


1.   “Imported Boilers & Pressure Vessels” means boilers & pressure vessels imported based on the foreign trade agreement and various other relevant contracts or agreements. But these boilers& pressure vessels are not available for using on ships, railway locomotives, aircrafts, and military equipments.

2.   Used inward boilers & pressure vessels are prohibited being imported. Its report shall also not be accepted.

3.   When the inspection and quarantine report of boilers & pressure vessels is being accepted, following documents are required to be checked:

1)      Foreign trade agreement;

2)      Bill of lading;

3)      Invoice;

4)      Packing list;

5)      Relevant documents, such as general layout of boilers & pressure vessels, strength calculation sheet of major pressure parts, quality certificate for product, installation & operating instructions, as well as calculation sheet for capacity of safety valves and rupture disks, etc.. ;and

6)      Manufacture License of Boilers & Pressure Vessels of the People’s Republic of China

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