Accepting the Inspection and Quarantine Report of General Cargo to be Imported

When accepting a report of general cargo to be imported, the inspection and quarantine institutions shall check the Application for Certificate of Import Inspection carefully, and verify whether the contents of Application for Certificate of Import Inspection can meet the requirements; whether the application for inspection has been affixed with an official seal of the report entity or a seal for archival filing of the inspection and quarantine report agency, or attached with a letter of recommendation of the report entity; whether the application for inspection has been completed and of which the contents are accurate; whether the HS Code is classified accurately; whether the value of commodities, Contract number., and B/L number. are in conformity with that in the accompanying invoices, contract, and bill of lading; whether the destination of commodities transferring to another places is correct; whether the exact address, telephone number and contact person of the client have been, in accordance with relevant provisions, written in the power of attorney on inspection and quarantine report. Moreover, it also requires the reporter to provide duplicates of such documents of trade and transportation as the contract of foreign trade, invoices, the bill of lading, and the packing list; should the commodities are imported mechanical and electrical equipment (new or used), the reporter shall submit the archival filing form of mechanical and electrical products and the equipment list issued by EPZ Management Committee.

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