Accepting the Inspection and Quarantine Report of Animals and Plants and Their Products

The inspection and quarantine institutions at the places of customs declaration shall be in charge of accepting the inspection and quarantine report of animals and plants and their products.

1. Scope of the Report

It includes imported living animals and its products, plants and its products, and other quarantine objects.

2. Accompanying Documents

For the report of imported animals and plants and their products, following documents (original), besides documents of trade and transportation are required to be checked in terms of the report procedure for ordinary imported goods, also shall be checked:

1)   The quarantine certificate officially issued by export countries or areas shall be checked in accordance with relevant documents issued by AQSIQ and the Management System for Analysis and Verification on Foreign Official Quarantine Certificates. Should a counterfeit certificate be found, it shall be reported to the administrative department level by level, and then be  investigated and prosecuted in accordance with relevant provisions;

2)   The Certificate of Origin;

3)   For imported products of animals and plants which are listed in the catalogue of products (Attachment 1) presented in the AQSIQ Announcement No.2, 2002, but out of the scope described by the Announcement No.111, 2004, the Quarantine License of the People’s Republic of China on Inward Animals and Plants (hereinafter referred to as the Quarantine License) shall be checked; for inward Pathogenic micro-organisms (including seed cultures of bacteria and viruses) of animals and plants, insect pests and other harmful organisms, relevant animals and plants, their products and other quarantine objects from countries or regions with prevalent epidemic animal or plant diseases, animal carcasses and soil, the reporter shall provide the special examination and approval of quarantine; for the list of concessionary plant quarantine, please refer to The List of Objects Prohibited from Entering into China for the Plant Importing Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China (Attachment 2); for the report of transit animals, please submit the letter of approval for transit animals quarantine (Animal Transit License);

4)   For importing seeds, seedlings, or other propagating materials (except forest trees), the Quarantine Form for Introducing Seeds and/or Seedlings issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and provincial stations of plant protection shall be checked;

5)   For importing seeds, seedlings, or other propagating materials of forest trees, the Quarantine Form for Introducing Seeds and/or Seedlings issued by the State Forestry Administration and local forest bureaus shall be checked.

3. The Reporter shall go through the formalities of reexamination and re-approval in one of the following circumstances:

1)      the types or quantity of the quarantine objects entering the country are changed;

2)      the exporting country or region is changed;

3)      the port of entry is changed; and

4)      the approval of quarantine inspection expires.

4. The Quarantine License shall be invalidated, abrogated or terminated for use in one of the following circumstances:

1)     It shall be automatically invalidated in case the validity period have expired;

2)     Should, within the permitted scope, the animals or their products be imported by installments and reported for inspection for more than one time, and all the permitted quantity

        have been cancelled upon verification, the "Quarantine License" shall be automatically invalidate;

3)     After the state has promulgated the announcement or ban on prohibiting the relevant  objects to be quarantined from entering the country in accordance with the law, the issued "Quarantine License" shall be automatically abrogated;   and

4)    The Quarantine License has been terminated for use by the issuing agency. 

5. Requirements of Checking Documents:

1)   Examine whether the animals, plants and their products reported to be inspected come from any epidemic area. The report of those coming from epidemic areas shall not be accepted. E.g. the United States is the bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) disease area, therefore, report of cows and its products from the United States (excluding milk and dairy products, pelts, and glutins used for taking pictures) shall not be accepted (information about disease areas will be updated in time, and can be found on the website of AQSIQ ).

2)   Examine whether the owner of those animals, plants and their products required the Quarantine License has obtained the Quarantine License. If no Quarantine License, the report shall not be accepted. E.g. for fresh fruit from Thailand, the Quarantine License shall be obtained before report.

3)   Examine whether the application entity for the Quarantine License consists with the consignee on the inspection and quarantine certificate, the contracting parties to the trade contract, and the consignee on the application for inspection; whether the name and description of commodity and the H.S Code on the application for inspection consist with those on the Quarantine License; whether the registration ID of overseas producing, processing and storing entities on the Quarantine License consist with those on the Inspection and Quarantine Certificate; and whether the Quarantine License is within the term of validity. Should above-mentioned information fail to be consistent, the report shall not be accepted.

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