1. Which country can we import meat from? Where can we get the detailed information about it?

A: The updating information about the List of Varieties and Uses of Meat Products Permitted to Import as well as Countries or Regions  Permitted to Import Meat from can be searched and  be found out from Instructions of Application for Inspection, Quarantine License for Animal- and Plant- Derived Food, Government Affairs, Bureau of Import and Export Food Safety on the website of AQSIQ (See this at: http://jckspaqj.aqsiq.gov.cn/zwgk/dzwyxspjyxk/).

2. What are the specific requirements for enterprises when they apply for import license?

A: First, to apply for License for importing animal- and plant-derived food , enterprises shall register and file on record at Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureaus Directly under AQSIQ with four enterprise credentials: Business License for Enterprise as a Legal Person, Organization Code Certificate of the People¡¯s Republic of China, Record Registration Form of Foreign Trade Operators, the original form and its copy of Import and Export Goods Shippers¡¯ Declaring at Customs Registration Certificate. Enterprises applying for the License for importing meat products shall go to the competent Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureaus Directly under AQSIQ to go through accreditation of the enterprise qualification for importing meat products certification. Second, submit the online application form. To apply for License for importing meat products, the storing contract signed with a registered refrigeratory is needed. For processed products, the assessment report of the processing enterprise is needed. These documents shall, at the same time, be submitted to the departments or offices concerned in the responsible Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureaus Directly under the AQSIQ.

3. What's the period of validity of the license? When does it begin to count?

A: The period of validity of the license is half year, counting from the issuing date on the Internet.

4. Shall one license be applied for one category of products once?

A: The same product coming from the same country can only apply for one license each time.

5. Can meat products be imported through any port?

A: In accordance with the Regulations on the Administration of Inspection and Quarantine of Entry Meat Products (Announcement No.49, 2004), the entry meat products shall be imported through the appointed ports according to the Inspection and Quarantine License to Import Animals and Plants. The AQSIQ is in charge of the administration of inspection and quarantine of entry meat products and the programming of the inspecting and quarantining facilities at the entry ports, appointing the specific entry ports in line with the inspecting and quarantining facilities at the entry ports as well as their technical force.

6. How can I import meat products through an entry port after obtaining the license?

A: The entry meat products must be import