Announcement 94 of AQSIQ on Suspending the Qualification of Po Tat Metal Limited as Overseas Supplier of Solid Wastes for Raw Materials


    The “Regulation on the Management of Imported Solid Wastes for Raw Materials” jointly developed by the Ministry of Environment Protection along with other 4 ministries entered into force on August 1, 2011. The regulation makes explicit specification on the return of waste materials that cannot meet the requirement of environment protection. Po Tat Metal Limited (Registration No. A344040797) reshipped the substandard waste materials, which had been returned, to the mainland of China again in June 2011. In order to protect the environment, prevent the importation of overseas toxic and hazardous wastes, and safeguard the waste materials trade order, in accordance with Article 47 of the Rules Governing the Inspection and Quarantine Supervision of Solid Wastes for Raw Materials (Decree 19 of AQSIQ) and Article 24 of the Rules on Registration of Overseas Suppliers of Imported Solid Wastes for Raw Materials ( Announcement 98 of AQSIQ in 2009), the announcement is hereby promulgated as follows::

    I  The qualification of Po Tat Metal Limited was suspended as overseas supplier of solid wastes for raw materials at the date of promulgation of this announcement.

    II  The above mentioned supplier can submit a letter of appeal or a report of correction within 60 days of the announcement, otherwise, the qualification of the supplier will be revoked within 60 days of the announcement.

    III  All local CIQs shall strictly conduct inspection and ban the entry of waste materials from the suspended supplier.

                                                July 3,2012

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