Laws, Regulations and Standards for Import and Export Cotton Inspection

Import and export cotton shall be inspected in accordance with the following regulations and standards. Such laws, regulations and standards may be revised or supplemented; therefore, the latest edition shall prevail for all purposes in use.

1. Relevant requirements and documents of the State Administration:

(1) No.249 [2000] of the AQSIQ,on the Inspection Reference, Extent and Measures of Certificate Issuance of Imported Cotton. It expressly prescribes the inspection references, extent and measures of certificate issuance for imported cotton.

(2) No.11 [2001] of the AQSIQ,on the Provisions on Inspection and Quarantine Work of Imported and Exported Cotton. It specifies the inspection and quarantine procedures of imported and exported cotton and relevant requirements of management and technology.

(3) Letter No. 47 [2002] of the SAQSIQ, the Notification of Problems on Strengthening the Inspection and Quarantine Work of Imported Cotton. It further clarifies that the inspection and quarantine work of imported cotton shall be strengthened; especially the statistical analysis of information of the inspection and quarantine of imported cotton shall be enhanced.

2. Standards and Regulations of Inspection and Other Inspection References:

(1) SN/T0775 Rules of Inspection for Imported and Exported Cotton

(2) GB1103 National Standard of Cotton for Cotton—Upland cotton

(3) General Class Standard of Saint Louis Cotton

(4) Contracted sample sealed by trade parties

(5) The trade contract and letter of credit (in case of discrepancies, the provisions provided for in the letter of credit shall prevail).

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