FAQs on Inspection Exemption

1. Under what kind of circumstances can commodities be exempted from import-export inspection?

In accordance with the Commodity Inspection Law, an import or export commodity subject to legal inspection or required by other laws or administrative decrees to undergo inspection at an entry-exit inspection and quarantine institution may be exempted from inspection, provided that an application is filed by the consignee or consigner and approved by a State entry-exit inspection and quarantine authority. An import or export commodity which applies for the exemption from inspection shall comply with the provisions provided for in the Provisions for the Exemption of Import and Export Commodities from Inspection (August 1st, , 1994 ). Exemption from inspection is an encouraging measure for some high-quality commodities. High-quality commodities may be exempted from inspection after passing the examination and obtaining the approval by an entry-exit inspection and quarantine department authorized by the State.


(1) For applying the exemption of commodities from inspection, an applicant shall meet following requirements:

a. A manufacturing enterprise of import or export commodities applying for the exemption of commodities from inspection shall establish a complete quality control system; a manufacturing enterprise of import commodities shall be approved by a State entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau or availed with a certificate for its QC system issued by a relevant organization recognized by the authentication association after an actual examination and assessment; the QC system of the manufacturing enterprise of export commodities shall be examined by an examination organ of QC system authorized by the China National Accreditation Board for Import & Export Enterprises (CNAB) and shall be availed with a qualification certificate for its QC system issued by it.

b. The quality of an import or export commodity applying for exemption shall be stable for a long period, and the commodity shall have an acceptance rate of 100% in the inspection conducted by the inspection and quarantine institution for three successive years.

c. Chinese users of import commodities from overseas or foreign users of export commodities from China have no disagreement on the product quality of the import and/or export commodities applying exemption of inspection.


(2) Commodities involved in safety, hygiene as well as other special requirements are not eligible for exemption from inspection:

a. Cereals and oils, toys, cosmetics and electrical appliances;

b. Import commodities subject to safety and quality license management;

c. Commodities subject to deteriorate or bulk goods;

d. Commodities whose pricing and settlement of foreign exchange shall be effected according to the goods composition and content listed in the commodity inspection certificates as required by contracts; and

e. Packing containers used for importing and exporting dangerous goods.

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