AQSIQ Decree No. 40, 2003

For the purpose of enhancing the inspection and supervision administration of imported used electromechanical products, the AQSIQ promulgated the Measures for the Inspection and Supervision Administration of Imported Used Electromechanical Products (AQSIQ Decree No. 37) on December 31st, 2002. We hereby announce the relevant issues as follows:

1. In order to guarantee the smooth advance of the inspection, supervision and administration over imported used electromechanical products, the implementation of Measures for the Inspection and Supervision Administration of Imported Used Electromechanical Products shall be postponed to August 1st, 2003.

2. The consignee of the imported used electromechanical products or his/her agent shall, after the effectiveness of the contract or agreement and 90 days prior to the arrival of the imported used electromechanical products, apply to the AQSIQ or the local inspection and quarantine bureau directly under the AQSIQ for archival filing. The applicant shall fill out the Letter of Application for File-keeping of Import of Used Electromechanical Products (the standard format can be downloaded from the website of AQSIQ to specify information of the used electromechanical products to be imported, such as names, types, quantity, capital amounts, production places, production date and purposes of use, etc., and provide the following documents as well:

(1) Business Registration Certificates (the duplicates) of the applicant, consignee and consignor;

(2) The contract or relevant binding contract;

(3) The certificate on approval of the import of used electromechanical products issued by the State (the duplicate);

(4) The Pre-shipment inspection application form;

(5) The product list of used electromechanical products to be imported (including names, codes, quantity, specification and types, the production place, production date, manufacturer, condition of use, and purpose of use); and

(6) Other relevant documents.

3. The AQSIQ or the inspection and quarantine bureau at its locality directly under the AQSIQ shall, within 5 working days from accepting the application of archival filing, issue a Letter on Archival Filing of Pre-shipment Inspection of Imported Used Electromechanical products for those requiring the pre-shipment inspection; should no pre-shipment inspection be required, the AQSIQ shall issue a Certificate on the Exemption of Archival Filing of Pre-shipment Inspection of Imported Used Electromechanical products.

4. For importing used electromechanical products subject to one of the following circumstances, the consignee or his/her agent shall apply for the pre-shipment inspection: (three circumstances, overall 26 categories)

(1) Large-scale "Second-hand" Plant Equipment Related to People’s Health and Safety, Sanitation and Environmental Protection

1) Food processing machines;

2) Petrol-chemical equipment;

3) Textile equipment;

4) Energy & unclear equipment;

5) Electronic instruments and their processing equipment;

6) Building construction equipment;

7) Metallurgical and mining equipment;

8) Agricultural equipment & printing press equipment;

9) Metal and nonmetal working machines;

10) Forestry equipment & papermaking equipment;

11) Generator group, including diesel generators, petrol generators, generators and their accessories, etc; and

12) Other equipment.

(2) Used Electromechanical Products Imported for Special Needs of the State and Approved by the Competent Department in Charge of Trade

1) Automobiles and autocycles (including engines), bicycles, special vehicles and their spare parts and components;

2) Construction equipment and its spare parts;

3) Medical appliances, apparatus and their spare parts and reserve parts;

4) Welding machines, such as small AC arc welding machines, AC arc welding machines, DC arc welding machines, TIG arc welding machines, MIG/MAG arc welding machines, submerged arc welding machines, plasma welding machines, plasma arc cutting machines, resistance welding machines, arc welding transformer against electric shock, welding cable couplers, wire feeders of welding machines, TIG welding blow lamp, MIG/MAG welding guns, and welding pliers, etc.

5) Electric tools, including such hand-held motor operated electric tools as electric drills (including impact electric drills), electric screw drivers and impact wrenchs, electric grinding machines (including angle polishing machines, electric straight grinders, mold electric grinders, electric wet grinders, electric grinders, buffing machines and disc sanders), sanders (including orbital sanders, disc sanders and belt sanders), fretsaws, electric hammers (including Hammer drill), spray guns for non-flammable liquids, electric shears (including double-cut electric shears and electric nibblers), tapping machines, reciprocating saws (including jig saws and knife saws), immersible concrete vibrators, electric chain saws, electric planes, electric pruning shears and electric grass shears, electric routers and pencil edging machines and electric stone cutters (including marble cutters), etc;

6) Gas cookers, Industrial or lab electric furnaces & ovens and fire safety and prevention instruments, etc.;

7) Photo-finishing equipment and its parts and accessories;

8) Electronic game consoles, entertainment equipment and its spare parts;

9) Fitness equipment and instruments;

10)Terminal products of telecommunication for personal use, such as cordless telephones, mobile phones, pagers and their spare parts and accessories, etc.; 

11) Office equipment, such as typewriters, word processors, electronic calculators, automatic data processing equipment (including printers), other machines used in offices, facsimile machines, flexowriters, slide projectors, microfilm readers, orthophoto projectors, other projectors, photocopy equipment, plotting instruments, scanners, cash register, and the spare parts or accessories of the above-mentioned equipment ;

12) Personal computers and their components, spare parts and accessories (including desktops, laptops and their displays, PCs and servers, etc.), power supplies (including switch power supplies in computers, power adaptors, chargers and UPS), and other relevant products;

13) Household appliances, such as refrigerators and refrigerator compressors, washing machines and dryers, household electromotor-compressors, fanners, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, electric water heaters, electronic ovens, electric cookers, microwave ovens, electric food processors, electric liquid heaters, household electric irons, skin and hair care appliances, televisions and kinescopes, music centers, active speakers, radio recorders, videocorders, vidicons, camera obscura, CD players, VCD players, DVD players and the components, spare parts and accessories of the above-mentioned products .

14) Other civic used electromechanical products

(3) Electromechanical Products Which Have Been Manufactured for Over Eight Years (Including Eight Years)

For importing used electromechanical products which do not belong to the above-mentioned products, the pre-shipment inspection can be exempted from.

This is hereby the announcement.


                                                                                                                                                      April 24th , 2003

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