How to understand “Import and Export Commodity Surveying”?

The import and export commodity surveying formerly called as the notarial verification of foreign trade. It covers a wide range of circumstances. It involves undertaking inspection and surveying, by a third party with fair and scientific attitude, on the quality, size, package, quantity, weight, damage condition and other actual conditions and use value as well as means, technology and conditions of delivery conducted through various technical ways and based on relevant practical experiences to check to see whether such conditions can meet standards in contracts, provisions prescribed in international treaties and requirements of international conventions. It also involves drawing an accurate and notarial conclusion through independent inspection, surveying and analysis or providing relevant information and issuing certificates of inspection and surveying or other relevant certificates.

Items of import and export commodities surveying include: the survey on quality, package, quantity, weight and cargo weight or measurement of import or export commodities; the inspection on technical conditions for shipping such as the cleanness, seal and refrigerated storage efficiency of means of transportation such as vehicles, cabins and containers, stowage; hatch surve; damaged cargo survey; supervision of loading; survey on container cargo-loading and separating; ullage measurement of oil tank; inspection on damaged cargo; inspection of cargo GA or PA, sealing samples; certification of value; and other surveying services.  This import and export commodities surveying service deals with various questions on trade, transportation and insurance to facilitate the foreign trade, to protect the legitimate rights of relevant parties involved in foreign trade and national prestige, and to promote the development of production and foreign trade, through issuing intermediate certification and various surveying certificates as the valid certificates for going through formalities of hand over, settlement, charging, adjustment, clearance, taxing, claim and arbitration, etc.

Entry-exit inspection and quarantine institutions and inspection authorities designated or approved by the Sate entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau shall undertake surveying of import and export commodities, according to the application of the foreign trade related personnel, to the entrustment of the foreign inspection institutions, and to the appointment of the arbitration system. Other inspection institutions cannot provide surveying services of import or export commodities without the approval.

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