Introduction to Quarantine of Articles Carried by Passengers


Quarantine of articles carried by passengers refers to quarantine on entry-exit plants, plant products or other quarantine objects carried by passengers entering or exiting the country (include staff of means of transport and diplomatic agents ) or consigned by ships, vehicles, or airplanes. It involves general provisions on quarantine of articles carried by passengers, quarantine procedures of articles carried by passengers, and provisions and measures on quarantine treatment of articles carried by passengers.


General Provisions on Quarantine of Articles Carried by Passengers

(1)   For carrying plant seeds, seedlings, and other propagating materials into the country, formalities of examination and approval of quarantine shall be applied to be gone through in advance.

(2)   For carrying plants, plant products, animal products may act as vehicles of insect pests, or other quarantine objects into the country, the inward passengers shall report for inspection and quarantine when entering the borders, fill in the luggage declaration form of the Customs, and undergo the quarantine conducted by the inspection and quarantine authorities.

(3)   For plants, plant products, or other quarantine objects carried by the outward passengers, the exit animal and plant quarantine authorities of the ports shall, upon the requests the outward passengers, undertake quarantine in accordance with quarantine requirements of the import courtiers or relevant bilateral agreements. 

(4)   For carrying objects, prohibited from entering China, which are specified in the Article 5, Chapter 1 in theLaw of People’s Republic of China on Entry and Exit Animal and Plant Quarantine, and plants, plant products or other quarantine objects specified in the List of Plants That are Prohibited from Importation for Quarantine Reasons promulgated on and enforced as from September 25th ,1992 by the Ministry of Agriculture, the treatment of returning or destruction shall be conducted.

(5)   Animal and plant quarantine inspection counters with signs shall be set up at the inspection sites of entry and exit passengers


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