Quarantine Procedures for Entry Animals


Quarantine procedures for entry animals are as follows:

1. Accept the inspection and quarantine report, and prepare for it: check documents such as the Quarantine Approval for Entry Animals, quarantine certificate, trade contract, and invoices. Then, decide whether to accept or reject the application for inspection and quarantine according to whether the formalities have been completed. After that, draw up a plan for quarantine, set a working scheme, and prepare well for quarantine before it starts in accordance with relevant provisions, upon request of relevant quarantine requirements as well as sanitary and contract requirements for bilateral quarantine.  

2. On-the-spot Quarantine: On arrival at a port of imported animals, quarantine functionaries shall embark on a ship, a vehicle, or an airplane to conduct quarantine; examine relevant documents; check to see whether the goods to be imported are in conformity with that defined in the certificate; observe the health status of the animals; and carry out the treatment of disinfection to means of transport, bedding materials, animal manure, and the contaminated sites and objects.

3. Isolation Quarantine: during isolation, quarantine functionaries shall observe the health status of animals and record it, supervise the daily disinfection for epidemic prevention, take samples and then,send the samples for test.

4. Laboratorial Inspection: all inspection items shall undergo inspection strictly in accordance with relevant service regulations.

5. Quarantine Certification and Quarantine Treatment: comprehensive evaluation shall be carried out depending on the results of quarantine on the spot, isolation quarantine, and laboratorial inspection. Furthermore, correct result of quarantine shall be taken.  When no disease subject to quarantine is detected on quarantine inspection, the Notification for Quarantine Clearance shall be issued; while any disease subject to quarantine is detected on quarantine inspection, the Veterinary Certificate shall be provided, and the Notification for Quarantine Treatment shall be issued. Disinfection for epidemic prevention shall be carried out to animals, vehicles, tools, sites, and remaining feed in the isolated sites.

6. Work Review and Archival Filing: after completing the quarantine and inspection, quarantine functionaries shall arrange all the documents for this quarantine and inspection, write the work review, and file relevant documents and information.

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