The Procedures of Registration for Enterprises for the Production, Processing and Storage of Entry Inedible Animal Products


1.      Application

An enterprise responsible for the production, processing and storage of entry inedible animal products (hairs, unwashed down and feather, raw hides, blood, bones, hoofs, feet, and silkworm cocoons, etc.) shall apply for registration at the local inspection and quarantine institution.

1.1  The enterprise shall submit the following documents,when applying for registration:

written application (it shall provide information such as a brief introduction to the enterprise, the categories of imported products for use and processing, import volume, annual process capability or usage volume, storage conditions and capacity, purpose of use or final products of processing, and the application of final products );

1.1.1  The plane chart of the factory area (the duplicate)

1.1.2  Process flow diagram (in which information such as thermal treatment time, categories of chemical reagent for use, consistency and PH value, and names of relevant equipment and instruments for use shall be included)

1.1.3  Business license (the original be checked while the duplicate be submited)

1.1.4  Veterinary epidemic prevention leading workgroup of the enterprise and its responsibility

1.1.5  Veterinary epidemic prevention system

1)  Warehouse management system;

2)  System of disinfection for epidemic prevention and measures of insects prevention and rodents deratization;

3)  Measures of solid waste disposal;

4)  Measures of sewage disposal

1.1.6  Measures of hygiene and epidemic prevention for personnel who touch animal products

1.1.7  Supporting documents for approval of sewage effluent by departments of environmental protection at or above county level

1.1.8  Picture information: the gate of the factory, full shot of the factory area, full shot of the whole plant, equipment involved in processing, pictures of tools and manual operation, facilities for the treatment of disinfection and the process of apparatus disinfection, disposal of outer packing and waste, raw material warehouse and finished product warehouse.

2.      Acceptance

The local inspection and quarantine institution directly under AQSIQ shall be in charge of checking documents for application submitted by the enterprise. Application with completed and qualified documents shall be accepted, and proper personnel shall be appointed for the examination; application with uncompleted or unqualified documents shall be returned to the application enterprise for modification and completion.

3.      Examination

The local inspection and quarantine institution directly under AQSIQ shall arrange relevant personnel to undertake the on-site examination on elements such as the enterprises capabilities of production, processing and storage, its import volume, and the implementation of measures of epidemic prevention. Should it be found  qualified after examination, the inspection and quarantine institution directly under AQSIQ shall report the results to the department of animal and plant quarantine and supervision of AQSIQ for approval.

4.      Approval

The AQSIQ shall check documents submitted by the inspection and quarantine bureau directly under the AQSIQ, then, approve the qualified applicants to undergo registration and inform relevant bureau directly under it and the application enterprise.

5.      Treatment for Unqualified

5.1  In the event that the veterinary health conditions is unqualified or that the epidemic prevention system has not been implemented, the rectification shall be completed by the applicant in a specified period;

5.2   In the event that the documents submitted by an applicant are contrary to the fact, the application shall not be accepted;

5.3  In the event that the established systems and measures, and process flow cannot meet the requirements of epidemic prevention, documents for application shall be modified.

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