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Announcement No. 93, 2017 of AQSIQ and GACC on the Adjustment of the Catalogue of Import and Export Commodities Subject to Inspection and Quarantine by Entry-Exit Inspection Authorities<2017-11-06>
AQSIQ Announcement NO. 84, 2017 on Preventing Plague in Madagascar Spreading to China<2017-11-01>
AQSIQ Announcement NO. 67, 2017 on Preventing MERS Spreading to China<2017-10-25>
Announcement of AQSIQ on Sanitary and Health Requirement of Birds’ Nest Imported from Thailand (Announcement No. 66, 2017)<2017-09-29>
Joint Announcement of AQSIQ and General Customs on Adjustment of Commodities in the Catalogue that are subject to Inspection and Quarantine of CIQs (Announcement No. 70, 2017)<2017-09-29>
Joint Announcement of AQSIQ and MOA on Lifting FMD related Ban on Some Areas of Russia (Announcement No. 69 of 2017)<2017-09-29>
AQSIQ Announcement No. 65, 2017 on Phytosanitary Requirement of Beat Pulp and Sunflower Meal from Ukraine, Wheat Bran from Kazakhstan, and Cassava Slices from Tanzania<2017-09-07>
AQSIQ Announcement No. 63, 2017 on Preventing the Introduction of Dengue Fever into China<2017-09-07>
AQSIQ Announcement NO. 57, 2017 on Preventing the Introduction of Cholera into China<2017-09-07>
AQSIQ Announcement No. 55, 2017 on Phytosanitary Requirements on Cherries to be Imported from Uzbekistan, Citrus from Uruguay and Avocado from Chile to China<2017-08-03>
AQSIQ Announcement No. 53, 2017 on Phytosanitary Requirements on Saffron to be Imported from Afghanistan<2017-08-03>
The Announcement No. 49, 2017 of AQSIQ and MOA on Lifting the Ban on Bovine Semen with Schmallenberg Disease from Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium<2017-08-03>
AQSIQ Announcement NO. 47, 2017 on the Sanitary Requirements on Beef to be Exported from the United States to China<2017-06-30>
AQSIQ Announcement NO. 46, 2017 on the Phytosanitary Requirements on Pineapple to be Exported from Malaysia to China<2017-06-30>