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Announcement No. 18, 2017 of AQSIQ and MOA on Lifting the Ban on Deboned Beef under the Age of 30 Months from France<2017-03-21>
AQSIQ Announcement No. 19, 2017 on Conditional Importing of Beef from South Africa<2017-03-09>
AQSIQ Announcement NO. 13, 2017 on Preventing Yellow Fever Spreading from Brazil to China<2017-02-21>
AQSIQ Announcement NO. 9, 2017 on the Phytosanitary Requirement of Soybean to be Imported from Kazakhstan and Uruguay<2017-02-21>
AQSIQ Announcement NO. 7, 2017 on Preventing Cholera Spreading from Angola to China<2017-02-21>
Announcement No.6, 2017 of AQSIQ on Explanations of Inspection and Supervision of Imported Wood Waste and Scrap<2017-02-13>
AQSIQ Announcement No. 111, 2016 of AQSIQ on Preventing Cholera Spreading from Haiti to China<2016-11-14>
AQSIQ Announcement No. 110, 2016 of Travel Alert on Zika Virus Disease in the Maldives and New Caledonia<2016-11-14>
Joint Announcement No. 107, 2016 of AQSIQ and MOA on Lifting the Ban on Deboned Beef Derived from Cattle Aged under Thirty Months from Denmark<2016-11-10>
Joint Announcement No.106, 2016 of AQSIQ and MOA on Lifting the Ban of Avian Influenza in the Netherlands<2016-11-10>
AQSIQ Announcement No. 98, 2016 on the Phytosanitary Requirements on Rice Imported from Cambodia<2016-10-13>
AQSIQ Announcement (2016 No. 97) Inspection and Quarantine Requirements for Importing U.S. Sugar Beet Pulp<2016-10-13>