ZHI Shuping signs inspection and quarantine cooperation agreements under the witness of Chinese and Chilean leaders

  On May 13th, under the witness of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Chilean President Bachelet, AQSIQ Minister Zhi Shuping signed, with the Chilean Minister of Agriculture Mr. Furche, the agreement on phytosanitary requirements on avocado to be exported from Chile to China and the agreement on requirements on the sea-jet-one shipments of Chilean fruit export to China via a third country.

  China and Chile are of broad common interests, and have maintained good momentum of comprehensive strategic partnership. AQSIQ attaches great importance to the bilateral cooperation with its Chilean counterparts, and in the bilateral cooperation in FTA and the SPS consultation mechanisms great achievements have been made. More than 40 cooperation agreements in the area of inspection and quarantine have been signed, which has played an important role in safeguarding the quality and safety of products in bilateral trade and in facilitating trade. The two newly signed agreements are of significance in furthering bilateral inspection and quarantine cooperation, facilitating the healthy development of bilateral economic and trade relations and bringing benefits to the two peoples.