Zhi Shuping signs cooperation agreements with the Russian federal administrator of animal and plant health

  Witnessed by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Zhi Shuping signed two protocols with Mr. Danker Welte, the Head of Russian federal administration on animal and plant health on December 17, 2015. The two protocols are the protocol on the phytosanitary requirements on wheat to be exported from Russia to China, and the protocol on the pytosanitary requirements of corn, rice, soybean and oilseeds to be exported from Russia to China, both of which are important outcomes of the 20th regular meeting between Chinese and Russian prime ministers.

  With the efforts of the two leaders, China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership has been growing rapidly in recent years. The bilateral trade volume in 2014 was 95.28 billion USD with an annual increase of 6.8%. AQSIQ has been making proactive efforts in promoting the inspection and quarantine cooperation with Russia so as to serve the overall healthy bilateral relations. In particular, with the inspection and quarantine cooperation scheme under the regular meeting mechanism between the Chinese and Russian prime ministers, AQSIQ has furthered relevant cooperation with multiple concrete achievements.  
    The two protocols signed stipulated the inspection and quarantine requirements on wheat, corn, rice, soybean and oilseeds to be shipped from Russia to China, which would help to ensure the health and safety of the products in bilateral trade, and would serve as an important support for the agriculture industry of China to go global.