Zhi Shuping signs cooperation agreements with Kazakhstan Minister of Agriculture

  Witnessed by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Kazakhstan Prime Minister Karim Massimov, Zhi Shuping signed with Kazakhstan Minister of Agriculture Mr. Asylzhan Mamytbekov the Memorandum of Understanding on the SPS issues of Chinese poultry, and the protocol on the phytosanitary requirements on wheat to be exported from Kazakhstan to China.

  China and Kazakhstan are important trade partners for each other, and the bilateral trade volume in 2014 stood at 17.25 billion USD. China is now the largest trade partner, the largest import supplier and the 2nd largest destination market for Kazakhstan. AQSIQ has been maintaining years of good cooperation with Kazakhstan in the areas of inspection and quarantine, which facilitated the healthy development of bilateral trade. In particular, guided by the “one belt and one road” initiative, the China-Kazakhstan cooperation on inspection and quarantine has been furthered with multiple achievements.

  The protocol on the phytosanitary requirements of Kazakhstan wheat stipulates specific phytosanitary requirements for the access of Kazakhstan wheat to the Chinese market, and will ensure the health and safety of wheat to be imported from Kazakhstan to China. The MOU on SPS issues of Chinese poultry will further the joint and cooperative regulation on the exportation of Chinese poultry to Kazakhstan, so as to better facilitate trade development while ensuring product quality and safety.