Zhi Shuping meets with Serbian Minister of Economy and document is signed

  Under the witness of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vu?i?, AQSIQ Minister Zhi Shuping signed with Serbian Minister of Economy Zeljko Serti? the protocol between AQSIQ and Serbian Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection on quarantine and veterinary requirements of frozen beef to be exported from Serbia to China in the Great Hall of the People on November 26, 2015.
    China and Serbia are mutually important trade partners. In 2014, the bilateral trade volume reached 540 million USD. To serve the healthy development of China-Serbia bilateral relations, AQSIQ has been continuously promoting the cooperation with Serbia in the area of inspection and quarantine. Particularly under the “16+1” China-Central and Eastern Europe framework and the Belt and Road Initiative, the cooperation on inspection and quarantine between the two countries has been comprehensively deepened and developed, and a number of cooperative achievements have been made.
    The protocol signed this time provides the inspection and quarantine requirements that Serbian frozen beef must meet when entering Chinese market and it ensures the health and safety of Serbian beef on Chinese consumers’ tables.