2015 Standardization WG meeting opens
Tian Shihong makes proposal on deepening China-EU standardization cooperation

China-EU Standardization Working Group Meeting was held in Beijing on November 10, and the meeting discussed the cooperation and development of standardization in China and EU. SAC Chief Administrator Mr. Tian Shihong addressed the meeting, and Mr. PELTOM?KI Antti Ilmari, Deputy Director General of DG Grow of EU Commission and experts from the working group attended the meeting.

    Tian Shihong stated that China-EU cooperation has entered into the prime period. Standards, as the technical bases and technical rules for expanding cooperation in productive capacity, and promoting the connection of infrastructure and enhancing economic and trade exchange, play an important linking role in China-EU cooperation. SAC signed the letters of intent on cooperation with CEN and CENELEC respectively, agreeing on further deepening cooperation, and promoted the China–EU standardization cooperation onto a new development stage. China attaches great importance to the role of standardization in promoting opening-up and international cooperation. In the action plan: standards connect belt and road, China proposed ten measures and made efforts to promote bilateral and multilateral cooperation on standardization among belt and road countries and strengthened mutual recognition of standards and abutment of technical standard systems. These policies build an even solider basis for China-EU standardization cooperation. 

    Tian Shihong made a three-point proposal on deepening China-EU standardization cooperation. Firstly, to deepen traditional cooperation. To continue to have the current mechanism and information platform play their role, strengthen information exchange and visit of people, strengthen training, standard translation and standard service for enterprises and promote mutual connection. Secondly, to expand cooperation areas. By concentrating on belt and road construction and important strategic and key areas like international cooperation of productive capacity, European re-industrialization, reconstruction of port and railway, to strengthen standard abutment cooperation, conduct comparative analysis of national standard systems of countries with trade in bulk commodity, push China-EU standard mutual recognition and raise the harmonization of standards between China and EU. Thirdly, to strengthen international coordination. By adhering to the philosophy of opening, inclusion and mutual benefit, to conduct cooperation in the development of international standards, focus on common concerns, promote joint development of international standards, support enterprises and social organizations that carry out program cooperation on the connection of standardization, and study the international cooperation mechanism of group standards. 

Great achievements have been made since the establishment of China-EU standardization cooperation mechanism thirteen years ago. Communication was conducted in key areas like smart grid, electric car, information and communication technology, energy management and smart city. The China-EU standardization information platform has collected information of more than sixty thousand standards covering over ten areas like electronic device, medical facilities and environment protection, which promoted China-EU trade facilitation. The China-EU standardization expert training program was carried out and several groups of Chinese experts and candidate teachers were trained, which improved the international standardization level of Chinese standardization experts.