General Principles for Examination of Food Additive Production Licensing to be in effect

The General Principles for Examination of Food Additive Production Licensing(2010 Edition) published by the AQSIQ on August 13, will go into effect as of September 1 this year.

It was drawn up in line with the Food Safety Law of China, the Regulations on the Administration of Production License for Industrial Products and the Provisions on the Supervision and Administration of Production of Food Additives, with the aim of regulating and standardizing the supervision and administration of food additive production.

The Implementation Rules for Renewal and Issuance of Food Additive Production Permits(Quan Xu Ban (2005)No. 45) and the Detailed Implementation Rules for Production Licensing of Flavorant and Essence Products(Guo Zhi Jian Shi Jian(2008)No. 297) are to be abolished at the same time.

As specified by the General Principles, the samples of food additives to be produced by the applicants should be taken and sealed according to the relevant specifications if the applicants meet the requirements in the on-site verification and examination, and the sampling methods should conform to the national or industrial standards.