AQSIQ spokesman gives explanation on import Wei Chuan milk powder

Feb. 2, AQSIQ spokesman Li Yuanping gives clarification and explanation on news report concerned by media and consumers that AQSIQ recently has issued the information of a batch of import Wei Chuan milk powder containing enterobacter sakazakii.

Li Yuanping points out that in order to ensure import food meeting the requirements of national food sanitation and safety standards, entry-exit inspection and quarantine organs implement inspection on import food products, issue sanitation certificate on qualified products, and destroy or return products that fail quality inspection under the supervision of entry-exit inspection and quarantine organs. According to international practices, AQSIQ collects the disqualification information of all entry-exit ports and issues the information on AQSIQ official website.

Li Yuanping expresses that AQSIQ has noticed that media and consumers are paying more and more attention on the issuance of food safety information recently. However, when citing the information, some media doesn’t give complete explanation on the above disqualified products including all of them have been disposed according to laws and regulations. For example, AQSIQ issued Information of Disqualified Import Food and Cosmetics of November, 2008 in its official website, in which a batch of import Wei Chuan milk powder tested positive for enterobacter sakazakii was returned by entry-exit inspection and quarantine departments, and consequently no disqualified milk powder entered domestic market. Li Yuanping specially emphasized that qualified import milk powder passing the inspection of entry-exit inspection and quarantine department meets the requirements of relevant national standards, and is safe to be bought through normal ways and consumed.

For the inaccurate information reported by some media, Li Yuanping expresses that AQSIQ gave explanation on the issuance of disqualified import food products on Nov. 7, 2008. He hopes that relevant media can report information accurately and completely from now on to avoid causing consumers’ misunderstanding and unnecessary scare.