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Supervisory Inspection Rule for Safety Performance of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Products<2007-08-16>
Supervision Administration Regulation for Manufacture of Boiler and Pressure Vessel<2007-08-16>
Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment<2007-08-16>
Procedures for Manufacture Licensing of Boiler and Pressure Vessel<2007-08-16>
Regulations on Permission for Manufacturing Pressure Pipelines Components <2007-08-17>
Supervision Regulations on Safety Technology of Safety Valve<2007-08-17>
Requirements for Boiler and Pressure Vessel Manufacture Licensing<2007-08-16>
Suggestions on Relevant Issues of Management Work for Manufacture Licensing of Boiler and Pressure Vessel <2007-08-16>
AQSIQ Announcement No.92, 2006, on Regulations on the Safety Supervision of Lifting Appliances(December 29, 2006)<2007-08-16>
AQSIQ Announcement No.46 2003, on Safety Inspection Regulations for Gas Cylinders(April 4, 2003)<2007-08-16>
AQSIQ Announcement No.14, 2002, on Rules on the Administrative Punishments on the Supervision over the Safety of Boilers, Pressure Containers, Pressure Conduits, and Special Equipment(January 8, 2002)<2007-08-16>
AQSIQ Announcement No.2, 2001, on Regulations on Dealing with Special Equipment Accidents of Boiler Pressure Vessels and Pressure Pipeline (September 17, 2001)<2007-08-16>