Tian Shihong meets with ISO Secretary General Sergio Mujica


  Mr. Tian Shihong, the Chief Administrator of SAC met with the newly elected ISO Secretary General Mr. Sergio Mujica on the afternoon of August 29, 2017 in Beijing.

  Tian Shihong and Mujica conducted in-depth discussion on major development strategies and policies of ISO, including the objective and measures of ISO in the year 2017, conducting cooperation to lift standardization capacity of developing countries, and strengthening ISO governance. The two sides also reached agreement on building the international standardization training base in Qingdao and the international standardization conference base in Hangzhou, and internship opportunities for SAC staff in the ISO central secretariat.

  Mr. Cui Gang,the Deputy Chief Administrator of SAC, and senior officials of the Department of International Cooperation of SAC attended the meeting and accompanied Mujica for related field trips in China.