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Zhi Shuping meets with Canadian Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food MacAulay <2017-11-23>
Zhi Shuping signs the cooperation agreement witnessed by Chinese and Panamanian leaders <2017-11-22>
Zhi Shuping meets with Peruvian Minister of Foreign Commerce and Tourism Ferreyros <2017-11-15>
Zhi Shuping meets with Slovakian Minister of Agriculture Matečná <2017-11-14>
Zhi Shuping meets with U.S. Ambassador to China Branstad <2017-11-10>
Zhi Shuping meets with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Myrzahmetov <2017-11-10>
Zhi Shuping signs cooperation agreements witnessed by Chinese and Russian Premiers <2017-11-03>
Zhi Shuping meets with Nagano Prefecture Governor Shuichi Abe <2017-11-03>
Zhi Shuping visits Panama and signs cooperation agreements <2017-10-11>
Zhi Shuping visits the United States <2017-10-11>
Zhi Shuping visits Jamaica and signs cooperation agreements <2017-10-11>
Raise cooperation level, serve overall diplomatic situation ——Zhi Shuping pays a successful visit to Panama, Jamaica and the U.S. <2017-10-11>