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Department of Metrology
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Department of Supervision on Health Quarantine
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Department of Metrology organizes the implementation of metrological laws and regulations, popularizes legal metrology units, administers and supervises national primary metrological standards, metrology standards and reference materials, organizes and formulates national verification system for metrology, verification standards and procedures, and technicalstandards for measurement, organizes national unit value dissemination, supervises and administers metrological instruments all over the country according to the law, standardizes market measuring behavior, organizes the verification of metrological arbitration, standardizes social equity metrological service agencies, undertakes the detailed work of OIML.

      Major Divisions
      Industry Measurement Office: 010-82260132
      Unit Value Dissemination Office
      Legal Metrology Office
      Metrology Management Office
      Foreign-Related Services

Pattern Approval of Imported Measuring Instruments
       Examination and Approval of Imported Measuring Instruments of
       Non-SI Units
       Issuance of License for Manufacturing Measuring Instruments or License
       for Repairing Measuring Instruments
       Issuance of OIML Certificate of Conformity