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Notice of Comprehensive Evaluation by the Third-party
Standardization Administration of the PRC
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China Inspection and Quarantine E-cert System
China WTO/TBT-SPS National Notification
Announcement on the Trial Implementation of the Exemption from Inspection on Exporting Food and Agricultural Products
Announcement on Releasing the First Batch of Food Stuff and Agricultural Products Exempted from Export Inspection
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SUN Dawei meets with Belarusian Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food SUBBOTIN and First Deputy Chairman of Gosstandart TATARITSKY
Vice Minister Sun Dawei meets with BSI Chairman Brown
Zhi Shuping meets with the Deputy Premier and Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Myrzakhmetov
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ZHI Shuping attended the meeting between the national leaders of China and Norway<17-04-13>
SUN Dawei meets with Managing Director of Global ASQ<17-03-31>
LI Yuanping meets with Deputy Minister of MARD of Vietnam<17-03-21>
China-South Africa Bilateral Friendship Enhanced through Deepened Cooperation in the Area of Inspection and Quarantine: South Africa President Zuma received the AQSIQ delegation and witnessed the signing of relevant cooperation documents<17-03-10>
SUN Dawei attends China-Singapore high-level cooperative meetings<17-03-09>
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AQSIQ Announcement No. 28, 2017 on the Phytosanitary Requirements of Banana to be Exported from China to New Zealand and Citrus to be Imported from Italy to China
Announcement No. 18, 2017 of AQSIQ and MOA on Lifting the Ban on Deboned Beef under the Age of 30 Months from France
AQSIQ Announcement No. 19, 2017 on Conditional Importing of Beef from South Africa
AQSIQ Announcement NO. 13, 2017 on Preventing Yellow Fever Spreading from Brazil to China
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Administrative Measures on Quarantine of Aquarium Fish
Measures on the Administration of Edible Aquatic Animals Supplied to Hong Kong and Macao
Measures on the Administration of Inspection and Quarantine of Inward Aquatic Animals
Stipulations on Administration of Inspection Exemption System for Export Food Stuff and Agricultural Products(For Trial Implementation)
AQSIQ Decree 45, 2003, Promulgating the Administrative Measures on Quarantine of Exit Bamboo, Wood and Grass Products
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